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  • Learn how to train a dog: Discover the why behind everything that we do so that you can become a high level canine leader.

  • Fix problem behaviours: Will explains the solution to each of the most common problem behaviours dog owners face such as pulling on the lead, jumping up, biting, reactivity and more.

  • Master basic obedience: Follow along with Will as he gives example obedience training drills to help build communication with your canine companion, including: sit, stay, break, place, heel and recall.

  • Put it all into practice: Restructure your relationship with your dog over 30 days using our boot camp programme.

  • Completely customisable: Make the programme work for you and your lifestyle.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Introduction

    • Tutor Introduction

    • What You Need For This Course

    • The Why

  • 2

    Training Methodology

    • Pyramid Of Success

    • The Three Pillars

    • Exercise

    • Barriers To Entry

    • House Rules

    • Operant Conditioning

    • Classical Conditioning

  • 3

    Utilising Corrections

    • To Correct Or Not To Correct

    • Setting Up For Success

    • Verbal & Physical Corrections

  • 4

    How To Fix "____"

    • Pulling On The Lead

    • Jumping Up

    • Destructive Behaviour

    • Separation Anxiety

    • Toilet Training

    • Biting

    • Crying

    • New Dog Blues

    • Reactivity

  • 5

    The Boot Camp

    • The 30 Day Plan

    • How To Plan Your Boot Camp

    • Your Boot Camp Programme

  • 6

    Obedience Training Drills

    • Sit

    • Stay

    • Break

    • Heel

    • Recall

    • Place

  • 7

    Practical Examples

    • Threshold Manners

    • Meal Time Drill

  • 8

    Next Steps

    • Conclusion

  • 9

    7 Days To Crate Training

    • Introduction

    • What You Need

    • The Crate Training System

    • Day 1 - The Crate Game #1 - Introducing The Crate - Theory

    • Day 1 - The Crate Game #1 - Introducing The Crate - Demonstration

    • Day 2 - Feed In The Crate - Theory

    • Day 2 - Feed In The Crate - Demonstration

    • Day 3 - The Frozen Fenrir Hammer - Theory

    • Day 3 - The Frozen Fenrir Hammer - Demonstration

    • Day 4 - Foraging Mat Session - Theory

    • Day 4 - Foraging Mat Session - Demonstration

    • Day 5 - Stay Training - Theory

    • Day 5 - Stay Training - Demonstration

    • Day 6 - The Crate Game #2 - Locking Things Inside - Theory

    • Day 6 - The Crate Game #2 - Locking Things Inside - Demonstration

    • Day 7 - Correction - Theory

    • Day 7 - Correction - Demonstration

    • Conclusion

Included Completely FREE:

Our 7 Days to Perfect Crate Training Course (A $147 Value)

  • Discover the hidden secret to solving 90% of problem behaviours

  • Follow along step-by-step over 7 days

  • Be rewarded with a dog that will be calm and relaxed in their safe space

Pack Approved

Aaron & Merisa

“…the courses are amazing, and very easy to follow! We are having great results, and our puppy is quickly learning.”


“…after using wills philosophy and protocol from day one Plum is turning into the perfect dog that everybody dreams of, with easy to follow drills and informative lectures… it’s fool proof.”


“Will is a fantastic teacher and his way of relating to his audience is with a genuine and sincere feel because he loves dogs and wants them have the best lives possible. Set your self up for success with Will and Fenrir.”

Rachael Carter

“The course offers sensible and highly useful advice. The instructor is very knowledgeable and provides sound, professional tips.”

Mary Christiansen

“These Courses helped me and my dogs so much. I use the courses daily and it’s helped me become a great leader to them. Thanks again Will for all your love and support and for providing the best courses for my animals and me.”

Jason Duhon

“The boot camp course is great. It really showed us how to correct bad behavior learned from our mistakes in training as a puppy. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful class that we are sure to use again. Gus our corgi is so much more pleasant to work and live with now.”